I have to admit the title caught my attention mainly for my love of the movie Pretty in Pink. Hate the color pink however, but love tattoos. Anyway this book written by Karen Olsen is a murder mystery set in Las Vegas. However when Brett Kavanaugh’s friends are either dying, or wanted by the cops. Her life as an owner of a tattoo parlor becomes second to playing detective.

I loved this book surprisingly because of the drama. The short 6 page chapters made parenting between chapters possible. (My kids are pretty self entertaining but an occasional session of hide and seek, or snack time was needed.) All that however is superficial to whether I’d recommend this book to others. I highly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down(as with any book I read). I related to Brett because of her constant “mind spinning”, her obvious concern for family and friends, and love of tattoos. I found myself sticking out my tongue to Bitsy and wanting to go eat with Joel and even go talk to my brother a few times.

I also enjoyed where she would find solace hiking or tattooing. It’s rare nowadays for this sense of calmness to be achieved let alone the knowledge of how to achieve it. I admired Brett because of that. She had a sense of independence, and self-awareness I desire and I would think most women want, if they don’t already have it.