Marriage Rules outlines 106 rules of how to combat the day to day issues of marriage. Topics range from email communication to sex communication and Step parenting. All seems a little to dramatic to my mind. Communicating about sex??? In my world a simple eyebrow raise will ignite emotions that illicit a sprint to the bedroom. Her insight as a therapist give excellent real life examples(whether married or life partners). In our society we are living in an act now think/regret later and Dr. Lerner talks about how to think first and not act.

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to go from possible ugly divorce to possible and complete cohesiveness in your marriage this would be a great way to start. It would also benefit any couples thinking of marriage or just for a college aged group to read as a sort of a “What to expect when your thinking of getting married book(probably to lengthy of a title).

Really, a marriage that involves stepchildren has a whole different set of codes than a marriage without children.

To summarize her book, “It is ok to be mad, it is ok to be wrong, but it is not ok to distance yourself from it.”