“Life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend.” Especially when you are in high school. Halley was getting ready to start her junior year, while a phone call from her friend Scarlett turned their lives upside down. Little did they know this was just the beginning. Halley is the one who relies on Scarlett but when Scarlett finds out she is pregnant with her deceased boyfriend’s baby, Halley has to step up.

Seriously though, this book is awesome. I love most of Sarah Dessen’s work even though it is geared toward high schoolers. As a young mother(pre-30) of two boys, I feel it is still an appropriate read for me. The saying about life giving you lemons, is just the start. Halley and Scarlett are then thrown a plethora of different fruits they could make a fruit salad. . . or at least one of those cool fruit hats. Between a new life, a new boyfriend, and a loss of closeness to parents, and a dying grandmother life just seems to be one crazy train ride after another.

The growth seen by Halley and Scarlett in their junior year is exponential to what I would assume a normal high school aged child goes through. It shows the reader that when faced with a fruit salad or a fruit hat. . . you just need to cook it, serve it, and move on. I was a young single mother and know that’s exactly what you do.


Thanks for reading!