Who Needs Pictures In Kids’ Books Anyway?

The future of my children’s library!

101 Books

My 4 year old is going to love this book. In fact, I’m placing my order today.

What a great way to encourage kids to read. It’s goofy and immature, but these are kids! And they’re learning to read!

So what exactly is this book with no pictures? It’s a new kids’ book from BJ Novak, our favorite intern from The Office. 

It’s just freakin’ brilliant. But I’ve got to work on my voice inflection before I read it to my son.

Here’s a promotional video of Novak reading the kids book. Be warned: It’s pretty awesome!

You can order it on Amazon. 

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The Secret Garden. Review.

I can’t believe I didn’t read this book earlier.

Talk about a positive mental attitude and a faithfulness only to be described as child-like! More or a less a lonely and helpless, I mean literally did not know how to dress herself at the age of 10 helpless, and a boy sick with something so horrible the nurse and maid are afraid of upsetting him. Talk about a book that speaks through time. This touches my heart because its an almost carbon copy of my life. I believed in myself when I felt no one else did and found a strength coming from seemingly nowhere that only grew exponentially when I met my now husband(who also had some feelings of “sickness”). It sent me the message of everything will be OK.

No matter where you start your journey whether well or ” sick”. Young or old your journey can change with a little bit of faith, recitation, and of course magic!

Book Review Someone Like You Sarah Dessen

“Life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend.” Especially when you are in high school. Halley was getting ready to start her junior year, while a phone call from her friend Scarlett turned their lives upside down. Little did they know this was just the beginning. Halley is the one who relies on Scarlett but when Scarlett finds out she is pregnant with her deceased boyfriend’s baby, Halley has to step up.

Seriously though, this book is awesome. I love most of Sarah Dessen’s work even though it is geared toward high schoolers. As a young mother(pre-30) of two boys, I feel it is still an appropriate read for me. The saying about life giving you lemons, is just the start. Halley and Scarlett are then thrown a plethora of different fruits they could make a fruit salad. . . or at least one of those cool fruit hats. Between a new life, a new boyfriend, and a loss of closeness to parents, and a dying grandmother life just seems to be one crazy train ride after another.

The growth seen by Halley and Scarlett in their junior year is exponential to what I would assume a normal high school aged child goes through. It shows the reader that when faced with a fruit salad or a fruit hat. . . you just need to cook it, serve it, and move on. I was a young single mother and know that’s exactly what you do.


Thanks for reading!

Marriage Rules By Harriet Lerner, PH.D. Review from a young married mother

Marriage Rules outlines 106 rules of how to combat the day to day issues of marriage. Topics range from email communication to sex communication and Step parenting. All seems a little to dramatic to my mind. Communicating about sex??? In my world a simple eyebrow raise will ignite emotions that illicit a sprint to the bedroom. Her insight as a therapist give excellent real life examples(whether married or life partners). In our society we are living in an act now think/regret later and Dr. Lerner talks about how to think first and not act.

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to go from possible ugly divorce to possible and complete cohesiveness in your marriage this would be a great way to start. It would also benefit any couples thinking of marriage or just for a college aged group to read as a sort of a “What to expect when your thinking of getting married book(probably to lengthy of a title).

Really, a marriage that involves stepchildren has a whole different set of codes than a marriage without children.

To summarize her book, “It is ok to be mad, it is ok to be wrong, but it is not ok to distance yourself from it.”

Tattoo Artist or Detective: Review of Pretty in Ink

I have to admit the title caught my attention mainly for my love of the movie Pretty in Pink. Hate the color pink however, but love tattoos. Anyway this book written by Karen Olsen is a murder mystery set in Las Vegas. However when Brett Kavanaugh’s friends are either dying, or wanted by the cops. Her life as an owner of a tattoo parlor becomes second to playing detective.

I loved this book surprisingly because of the drama. The short 6 page chapters made parenting between chapters possible. (My kids are pretty self entertaining but an occasional session of hide and seek, or snack time was needed.) All that however is superficial to whether I’d recommend this book to others. I highly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down(as with any book I read). I related to Brett because of her constant “mind spinning”, her obvious concern for family and friends, and love of tattoos. I found myself sticking out my tongue to Bitsy and wanting to go eat with Joel and even go talk to my brother a few times.

I also enjoyed where she would find solace hiking or tattooing. It’s rare nowadays for this sense of calmness to be achieved let alone the knowledge of how to achieve it. I admired Brett because of that. She had a sense of independence, and self-awareness I desire and I would think most women want, if they don’t already have it.




In the Beginning. . .

I am a thinker, solver, peace-making, love sharing, forgiving person. However, I am also a woman who can’t sleep because my brain will not stop trying to reach a higher level of thinking after dealing with a one and two year old all day. After reading T.D. Jakes The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, I decided the best way to do that was to start a blog over the latest book I finished reading. As a stay at home mother, the chance to get out to a book club is limited so I decided to have my own. With or without participation from others.  


It has been said that the part of the women’s brain that is bigger is the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is responsible for decision-making, and regulating emotions(Edmonds). As a woman you have a choice to be a lady no matter past, or current circumstances. Because being a lady is a lost art learning the biblical definition is top priority. Also being a lover, and not just in the bedroom sense of the word but in a real and working hardship-filled relationship.  T.D. Jakes asses the lover, by divulging the secrets of how and why men act the way they do. He also acknowledges and discusses the past of a lady and man that would require varying degrees of love, kindness, and affection(yes love and affection are two different things) needed in order to overcome his/her past. By reading and meditating, we get a sense of generic purpose as to our role in taking care of herself, her lover, and her relationship with her Lord.

And lastly, the most important aspect of a lady’s life, is the relationship a lady has with her Lord. I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me. Self + God = Happiness/Success. God can’t mold your life to follow his will if he doesn’t have your willingness. Just as God relies on us to do his will, so must we rely on God to give us the tools to carry out his will. Also, we can’t defeat our past or achieve our future goals without the mighty power of the Lord. It defines all of these and respectively ties them together like cars on a train. T.D. Jakes uses plenty of real life experiences to attempt to describe the love of our Lord and the expected mindset we must have as sisters in Christ. He does a wonderful job, considering he is a man, in assessing where it is that women need to focus on. It isn’t our job to change the world to make everyone happy or to make all of our clothing fit into one nice neat suitcase. It is to be an imperfect person in an imperfect world, but worthy of love. I have read this book twice the first prior to being married and the second after having my second child. This book can be read once a year. No matter what stage in life a woman is in, it has an extremely powerful and inspiring message. The lady has something to gain and give to oneself, to her lover, and her God.


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